Our Difference

We understand that as a potential client you have one ultimate goal: the engagement of an architectural design practice that can realise the full potential of your residential or commercial project.

For some clients, this may be developing a dream residential home site you have purchased. For others this may mean maximising the return on investment or profit for a proposed apartment or commercial project.

In both instances the core values of Urbanistica remain the same. It is only through a shared vision between the architect/designer and client with an emphasis on design, creativity and collaboration can an exceptional, project be realised.

We are proud to have built many successful and long term relationships with clients, underpinned by some of the following characteristics that we believe set our practice apart.

The Design Team

We have an experienced architectural team with collectively 40 years' experience that integrate creative design ideas, planning and technical expertise to achieve exceptional design outcomes, particularly for projects with planning constraints, site complexity and redevelopment limitation.

The Design Approach

Our design approach is a holistic response that meets both the clients and authorities planning objectives. Urbanistica recognizes the need to balance good design outcomes with the clients' objectives and maintain viability to ensure projects can be executed and are not an exercise in architectural self-importance.

Design Value Creation

Urbanistica has an enviable track record in designing houses, residential and commercial projects that deliver superior design value/ planning outcome to our clients. Whilst promoting creative design solutions, we recognise that architectural aesthetics must be integrated with commercial goals such as; utlilisation of floor space, maximising project outcomes and meeting project timeframes

Collaborative approach

Today's residential and commercial development environment is increasingly challenging. Urbanistica embraces a collaborative approach with clients to provide objective and practical advice. We work with consultants and planning authorities to navigate and manage the development process to achieve a winning outcome for all parties.


Sustainability is central to our design thinking and development process. As architectural professionals we need to consider the environmental, social and economic impact of our design responses utilizing passive design, energy efficiency, water consumption, material selection and ongoing project life cycle costs.

Track record

Urbanistica has developed a reputation for undertaking the most challenging of project commissions and delivering creative design solutions that utilizes a sites potential, meet clients' expectations and balances development potential.

Our Difference